Labor Day is over, the weather is getting chillier, & Christmas will be here before you know it!  We are officially booking holiday parties for this Fall & Winter. ❄️

Deck our halls instead of yours & host your holiday party at Irish Hills! With gorgeous views, on-site catering, & the merriest staff you could ask for, you’ll have a very happy holiday.

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Eighteen distinctly enjoyable holes by design.  Irish Hills Golf Club is considered the premier layout in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  Our course is designed to make golf fun for golfers of all ages and skill levels.  From our 6,738, yard championship tees to our 5,162, yard forward tees, our course will delight avid and occasional players alike.


Perhaps the most common compliment we hear again and again at Irish Hills is the excellent condition in which we maintain our course. We strive to maintain tournament level conditions every day, all season long!


If you or anyone in your group needs instruction prior to your event, they will be in great hands working Billy Barbour. He is recognized as one of the top instructors/players in the area.  After his collegiate golf career, Billy honed his playing and teaching skills with PGA Tour coach Chris O’Connell.  Chris’ students include:  Matt Kuchar, David Duval, Scott Piercy, JJ Killeen, Matt Weibring.  Billy implements the same teaching philosophy as his mentor:  ‘Hit the next ball better’.


For some attendees, it’s the only thing that matters! We love golf, but we realize many in your group come with other agendas… like getting a great meal! We have partnered with some of the best catering services in the area making your meal options limitless! Steak cookout 2013 003A great meal will compliment a memorable day on the course and is sure to keep your attendees coming back for year after year.


Go on… indulge yourself. With the newest golf equipment you’ll hit it 20 yards further! Irish Hills features the only fully stocked pro shop in the area. Our extensive selection of the latest golf equipment, gloves, hats, shoes and accessories provides great options to even the most avid golfer. Plus you have a great choice of prizes available at special discounts.


We have almost forty years serving groups of all sizes. We put our years of experience to work for you to make your event fun, memorable, and stress-free.

We offer complete event packages or personalized packages to meet your group’s exact needs and fit your budget. As an event planner, it is vitally important to know exactly what is included in your package. Most courses only include golf and food in their prices and charge additional fees for scoring services, ice, proximity signs, beverage carts, and coolers and clean-up. At Irish Hills, we believe that developing a memorable experience for our customers is far more important than our profit.


Unlike many clubs, you are a valuable and important part of our business.  Friendly and flexible are the keywords when it comes to organizing your day with us. We strive to eliminate restrictions, so that you can play when you want, eat when you want and get the overall great golf experience that you are looking for. We welcome groups on the weekend as well as during the week so you can choose a day and a time to suit you.


Details simply do not fall through the cracks here at Irish Hills. Our staff is trained, professional, energetic and delighted to make your experience here pleasurable. From the time you unload your clubs from the trunk until you pull out of the driveway, our aim is to please. So if there’s anything you need – don’t hesitate to ask.


Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Irish Hills Golf Club is one of Central Ohio’s most loved golf courses. Just a short drive from Columbus, Mansfield, Newark, and Coshocton, and located right on State Route 13, Irish Hills is also convenient to golfers coming from virtually all parts of Ohio. Well known as a really fun golf course that is always in exceptional condition, Irish Hills exceeds every golfer’s expectations!


For almost forty years outings have been coming to Irish Hills Golf Club and return year after year. We must be doing something right, because our almost all our events rebook at once.
Contact us to book your next outing today!


We are officially accepting league application! Our attention to details, friendly staff, & gorgeous conditions make Irish Hills the ideal place to host your league.

Contact us today for information on available times, pricing, & what we can do to make your experience perfect. We can’t wait to make your league a part of Irish Hills’s 2020 season!


Contact us using the button below or by giving us a call at (740) 397-6252!

See what our golfers have to say!

“I just wanted to say thanks for setting up our event at Irish Hills this past week. The course was beautiful, the staff great, and the experience
excellent. Just wish I would have booked our golf events here from the start – we live and learn. Again, thanks for helping with the arrangements.”

– William, Columbus, Ohio

“I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality on my recent visit to Ohio. Everyone on your staff went above and beyond the call of duty to make
me and my dad feel welcome. The course was superb, the service great and the people wonderful. It truly was a special experience and I thank you for it.”

– Cody, Dallas, TX.

“Thank you for making arrangements to accommodate our large group. Other courses have struggled to meet the challenges with hosting a group of our size,
Irish Hills didn’t miss a beat. The course was incredible. Your staff was very accommodating and helpful, which enhanced the experience considerably.”

– Larry, Columbus, Ohio

We all use golf balls, but do you know what’s going on behind the scenes? Picking the right golf ball can make a big difference in your golf game. Check out this article we found on picking the right golf ball for you!

Seven Things You Need to Know About Golf Balls Before You Play

By James Roland

Source: GolfWeek

Internal differences make similar-looking golf balls perform in varying ways.

All golf balls look pretty much alike. But what’s inside the ball can affect the height and distance of shots and even how the ball will spin when it lands. So before you tee it up, find out more about the ball and how it can affect your game.

What will it cost

Golf balls vary greatly in quality and price, so before deciding on a particular make and model, know how much you can afford to spend and how quickly you go through a dozen golf balls. If you’re still learning or you lose a ball every couple of holes, you’ll want to stay away from the top-of-the-line balls, and, perhaps, consider used (or reclaimed) balls, which generally are cheaper than new balls.

Is it a distance ball?

A two-piece golf ball — a ball with a solid inner core and a hard cover — is designed to produce maximum distance. Typically, the hard cover is made of Surlyn. This type of ball is especially helpful for beginners or short hitters who need extra length on their shots. Because beginners tend to cut balls with poor shots or knock balls into trees and cart paths, the hard covers help those two-piece balls last longer.

Is it a performance ball

A high-performance ball is the most expensive ball on the market. It is made of multi-layer construction (three or four pieces) and uses a softer cover material, which allows for greater control, particularly around the green, and spin. Because of the softer cover materials, these types of balls are also the least durable. As a result, these balls are better fits for more experienced or expert players.

What’s the compression

Golf ball compression, which refers to the hardness and tightness of the core, is measured in numbers. The lowest compression commonly available is usually 80 (although lower compression balls are available). This compression level offers more distance but less control. A 100-compression (and higher) ball gives experienced golfers greater control. Inexperienced golfers and those who do not have a fast, solid swing, are unlikely to get any benefits from a higher compression ball. Most average golfers use a ball with a compression of 90.

What’s the spin

A softer cover, especially one made of balata or urethane, can give the ball extra spin, especially on shots for which you want a ball that will stop and back up on the green rather than roll forward off the green. Look for multi-layer construction with a softer cover if you’re looking for more spin on your shots.

What’s the ball’s condition

Before you tee up the first ball you find in your bag, take a moment to see if it has been scuffed or cut. The slightest deviation can adversely affect how the ball flies and how it lands. If it’s a casual round with a buddy and you don’t want to risk an expensive ball around a lake or stream, maybe the two of you can agree to try a sacrificial ball on those shots.

It’s worth experimenting

The more you play a particular type of ball, the better you’ll know whether it’s the right one for your game. If you try a different type every time out, you’ll never know what ball will help you reach your potential, so give each ball type at least a few rounds to see if you two are a good match.

Link to article: Click HERE


The dreaded shanks- a golfer’s worst enemy & something we’ve all struggled with. Next time you hit a shank, think about these tips we found from Michael Breed to help you hit straight on target.

Shank solution: These two changes will save you

By Michael Breed

Source: GolfDigest

Hitting a shank is bad enough, but they tend to come in bunches. That can really mess with your mind—and your score. Anyone who tells you to forget you just rocketed one into the trees on the right has never lived with the shanks. Consider the cause. Typically, the clubface is wide open at impact, and the swing is out to in, with the clubhead coming from the far side of the strike line and cutting to the inside. Those two conditions expose the hosel, which hits the ball, shooting it right.

First, fix the face. Square the clubface, then place both your hands on the grip in what’s called a strong position—turned dramatically away from the target. Don’t just grip the club and turn your hands back; that only rotates the face open. The combination of a square face and strong grip is what helps you close the face through impact.

“Stay turned, and let the club drop to the inside.”

Next, fix the path. Swing back, making a full shoulder turn, and as you start down, keep your back to the target a beat longer. The club will drop to the inside of the target line. From there, you can swing out to the ball without worrying about the hosel being exposed from an out-to-in path.

These changes should do the trick, but if you need a maximum dose of shank-proofing, here’s one more: Try to hit the inside-back portion of the ball with the toe of the club. That will keep your path coming from the inside and prevent the hosel from moving closer to the ball. Shanks solved!


THINK OF BASEBALL: You’re trying to swing the bat into the ball—simple. In golf, if you envision the shaft hitting the ball, you’ll probably make contact off the hosel because that’s the end of the shaft. Instead, you have to learn to miss the ball with the shaft. The clubhead extends out farther than the hosel so you want to swing the shaft to the inside of the ball. The image of the shaft missing to the inside will help you produce center-face contact. This mind-set might be just what you need to shake those shanks.

— with Peter Morrice

Link to article: Click here


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your golf game isn’t employing advanced techniques. To master the game, you’ve got to ace the basics first. Check out this article we found by Todd McGill teaches you how to golf like a pro by using basic techniques.

Learn to play like the pros by mastering course management basics

By Todd McGill 

Source: Golf WRX

The line that is drawn between amateurs and professionals certainly covers more than one aspect. However, there are some things that anyone can do in order play like the pros and shoot better scores. Knowing how to plot your way around the course from tee to green is something that not many amateurs take into consideration, though it is something that professionals do so well. Learning how to play to your strengths and learning to take what the course gives you will ultimately lower your scores, no matter what your handicap.

From the tee
-Use sound judgment when setting up on the tee box by knowing what your miss is and playing for it. For example, for those that fade that ball, teeing the ball on the right side of the box allows you to play for your shot shape with more room for the ball to work. This is also the case for playing away from trouble, in being that lining up on the side of trouble allows you to play away from it.

-In some cases on short holes, make a note to hit your tee ball to where you leave yourself with a comfortable yardage for your approach. You don’t gain anything from hitting a driver if it leaves you with a feel shot from 30 yards when you could hit a wood or hybrid and leave yourself with a full club in. (This is also the case when hitting your second shot on a par 5)

Hitting into the green
-Know which pins you should attack and which ones you shouldn’t. The biggest mistake that many amateurs make is trying to hit the ball at a tucked pin. Even the professionals choose which flags to go at and which holes to play safe, making sure they leave themselves a putt rather than short siding themselves.

-The biggest thing that gets us in trouble around the greens or on them is trying to make the ball go in the hole. It’s easy to get greedy with your shot and create the mindset that you have to make it when, in reality, it’s much more feasible to play for a three-foot circle around the hole. Leaving you an easy tap in. There is nothing more infuriating than a 3-putt.

I hope these tips will benefit your golf game by allowing you to manage your way around the golf course. The pros use these same approaches when they step on each hole, and it is imperative that you do also. We all may not have the ability that professionals do, but we can certainly learn things from them that will lower our scores.

Link to article:


This weekend is bringing the heat! What a perfect excuse to soak up the sun & play some golf.  ⛳️We want to see you tee it up at Irish Hills; Book a weekend tee time using the buttons below to get $10 off our call-in rate for 18 holes w/cart up til Twilight.

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Source: GoflDigest

As a former world long-drive champion, I often hear from regular golfers that they’ll never come close to being able to swing like me. Not true. You can. If you copy even a little of my technique, the ball is going to come off the face of your driver hotter than ever. Try these things the next time you’re on the range. 
By Justin James —with Ron Kaspriske


If you just stood on a scale, it would give you your body weight. But if you push down, that number will go up. When I make a backswing, I’m loading more than 100 percent of my body weight into my trail leg (right leg for righties). So really push into the ground with your trail leg as you take the club back. It will help you create and store a lot of energy.


As you swing back, it’s OK if your lead heel comes off the ground. That’s going to help you make a bigger backswing—especially if you’re not that flexible. You’ll really load up on your right side.


Feel like someone standing behind your back is grabbing a belt loop near your right hip pocket and pulling it toward him. In other words, sink into that right hip as you swing back, which will keep you from swaying away from the target.


To start your downswing, replant your left heel if you let it come off the ground. I mean really plant it. Try to leave an indentation in the turf. You’re using the ground to create energy for more swing speed. Also, let your left hip shift toward the target. This bump allows you to stay behind the ball with your upper body so you can apply all your weight to the strike.


I don’t think about pulling the handle of the driver down toward the ball, and I don’t think about releasing the club, either. Instead, I get the sensation I’m throwing a fastball with my right hand. It probably comes from my time as a minor-league pitcher. This feel will really boost your speed down into the ball.


You want your club moving its fastest as it meets the ball. To make that happen, get the right shoulder facing the target as you finish the swing. It’s got to keep moving. As long as my lower body leads in the downswing, this turn helps blast the ball way down the fairway.

JUSTIN JAMES, 29, 6-foot-1, 215 pounds, won the 2017 World Long Drive Championship. He plays a Krank Formula X Snapper driver (48 inches, 3.5 degrees of loft). He hit a 435-yard drive to win the championship.

Link to article: Click HERE


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