We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our golf course – brand new, top-of-the-line Club Car golf carts! These carts are packed with impressive features designed to make your day on the links more comfortable and a bit faster:

  1. Fuel Gauge: Stay updated on your cart’s fuel levels and enjoy uninterrupted golfing fun!
  2. Upgraded Steering Wheel and Suspension: Effortlessly navigate the course with improved control and smoother handling.
  3. Better Engine for Acceleration: Swiftly move from hole to hole with a powerful and efficient engine.
  4. More Comfortable Ride Quality: Experience unparalleled comfort throughout your round, no matter the terrain.
  5. Magnetic Rain Hood: Keep your clubs dry in any weather with an easily attachable rain hood.
  6. USB Chargers: Charge your devices on the go so you never miss an important call or text.

Join us for a round of golf and test drive our new Club Car carts. We’re sure you’ll love the enhanced experience! Book your tee time today!