Friday Night League


  • Weekly two man scramble starting on Friday, April 29th. The end of the year tournament will begin September 30th.
  • Each week players that show up will split into two-somes and scramble 9 holes. There will not be set teams. Players can play with someone different every week. If a player shows up and does not have a partner one will be provided to them.
  • Before the round begins each week two-somes will have the option of being in the pot game and the skins game. Teams can choose to be in both the pots.
  • At the end of every round scorecards will be collected and the team with the lowest score takes the pot for that week. In the case of a tie, the teams that are tied will play holes 1 and 6. If they are still tied after those holes a putt-off will occur on the putting green with the team closest to the hole taking the pot money for that week.
  • The following week the skins pot will be awarded to the team(s) that won skins.
  • The pot game and skins game are cash only to enter.
  • There will also be an Eagle Pot. Each week each player will put $2 into the Eagle Pot. The pot will build until one team gets an eagle for the week. If multiple teams get an eagle one week then the pot is pushed to the next week. The pot will only be awarded if one and only one team gets an eagle for that week. If the eagle pot has money in it when the end of the year tournament begins that money will be added to the prize pool for the tournament.


  • Play the ball up everywhere.
  • Double Bogey max on every hole.
  • When obstructed teams have the option of a club length relief without improving the lie. If the ball is in the rough a club length cannot be used to move the ball in the fairway.


  • $20 for 9 holes and a cart each week.
  • $10 per team for the pot game and $10 per team for the skins game (both these costs are optional every week).
  • One time $10 league fee (Pot builder for the end of year tournament).

Monday Night League

Dates: April 25th – September 26th
Format: 2 Man Handicapped Best Ball League
Cost: $100 per person

Limited spots available.
The league dates will skip major holidays.